MM#4 Say What?


July Mix For The Monthly Mixtape Group

say what cover

MM#4 : Say What?
for wallabyted
by nine
time : 00:59:36

tracklist :

01 marvin gaye – what’s going on?
02 the beach boys – god only knows (acappella)
03 stevie wonder – heaven help us all
04 lou donaldson – don’t worry, if there’s a hell below we’re all gonna go
05 chico mann – say what?
06 laura lee – that’s how it is
07 charles mingus – things aint what they used to be
08 snog – is there no one that can save us from today? (spacecat mix)
09 bullion – let’s go away for a while
10 vivian girls – where do you run to?
11 architeq – into the cosmos
12 clifford brown – where or when?
13 the beatles – any time at all
14 james reese and the progressions – let’s go! (it’s summertime)


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