Don’t let ‘m get you!


Don’t let ‘m get you!

Three Dutch Humanist organizations have put up a billboard alongside a major freeway, showing the text ‘Er is waarschijnlijk geen god. Durf zelf te denken. En geniet van dit leven!’ (There is probably no god. Dare to think for yourself. And enjoy this life!) in support of the UK Atheist Bus Campaign.

We lack the sound of the non religious, agnostics, atheists and religiously indifferent a lot in the public debate. and that should Change. Barack Obama mentioned non-believers in his inaugural speech,  right before the  “so help me god” part, ok, but still… I think he is one :D

The Dutch billboard was put up March 10th 2009 and will remain for at least two weeks. There is no bus campaign in the NL because the company selling bus-space wont cooperate on any political, religous and ‘philospophical’ campaigns…

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It ain’t necessarily so


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