Rhythm in my Nursery Rhyme!


Rhythm in my Nursery Rhyme!

“Little Sally Walker, sitting in a saucer
Weeping and a-moaning like a turtledove.
Rise, Sally, rise, wipe your weeping eyes
Fly to the east, fly to the west
Fly to the one you love the best.”

Little Sally Walker folk song
Little Sally Walker clapping song

There’s lots of Sallies! Origins: ‘Little Sally Walker’ (mudcat.org)

This is becoming somewhat of an ongoing thing…

Children’s songs, lullabies, nursery rhymes, ring game and clapping songs etc. etc. are so much fun to explore and analyze… These songs travel through time, merging and morphing into documents of culture and history. I love tot travel/unravel along.

I was gonna do a lullaby or ring-game song and maybe cartoon tunes theme…  Well, these 8tracks are a  freestyle spun off interpretation of all thatl :D I don’t know about educational value (there’s Disney involved!!),  but it’s  just an enjoyable free collection of music,  tunes and songs for all us kids, big or small. Louis, Sun Ra,  Doris Day, and Miss Helen Kane don’t need too much fantasy anyway. Test it out, share your thoughts!

8tracks | download (zip)


(More educational) Links :

Nursery Rhymes & Lullabies at the Museum of Childhood

Mudcat Lyrics & Knowledge

Smithsonian Global Sound

For kids :

Jazz for young people

Make your own instruments

Join the jazz band


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  1. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

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