Laurie Anderson in Concert, October 2008, NL


Laurie Anderson in Concert, October 2008, NL


January 7th, Dutch Radio 6 broadcasted a recording from the Americans Festival held last fall in Groningen, NL. Het Noord-Nederlands Orkest en the Prime foundation organize the festival every year around a leading international artist/composer. In 2oo8 the artists were  Laurie Anderson, Michael Gordon en Alvin Curran

Co de Kloet presented a radio broadcast for Radio 6 (priceless station in my book!) from the first of two concerts in Groningen. The first concert Laurie Anderson performed with Het Noord-Nederlands Orkes, at the second concert she played with her own band and premiered her latest show Homeland in Holland.  Lou Reed joined his wife on stage this night to sing one song with her.  After the show was done, he  played I’ll be your mirror as an encore!
Happy crowd :)

This is the complete first concert; Paradoxes. Laurie Anderson performs 2 of her compositions with Het Noord-Nederlands Orkest;  Requiem for My Brothers and Sisters (the international premiere) and Amelia Earhart. There is also work from John Zorn (multi-instrumentalist, composer and the man behind the Tzadik label) and work from composer Michael Gordon; a fantastic, mesmerizing composition for electric violin and a colossal, cinematic piece.

1. John Zorn – For Your Eyes Only (1989)
2. Michael Gordon – Industry (2007,  elec. violin solo : Monica Germino, sound manipulation : Frank van der Weij)
3. John Zorn – Orchestral Variations (1996)
4. Laurie Anderson – Requiem for my Brothers and Sisters (2000, adapted from Fratres by Arvo Pärt, 1977)
5. Laurie Anderson – Song for A. E./Amelia Earhart (2000)
6. Michael Gordon – Dystopia (2007)

Performed by Het Noord-Nederlands Orkest under direction of Kasper de Roo, October 31, 2008 at De Oosterpoort in Groningen, NL. Broadcasted January 7, 2009 for In Concert : Beyond.

You can listen to this concert on the NPS Output website for 7 days after the original broadcast, or download the complete broadcast:

NPS Output (128kbps stream) | Download (320kbps mp3, 116:42)

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2 Responses to “Laurie Anderson in Concert, October 2008, NL”

  1. Vantijgeren Says:

    Dear Nine / Martijn
    Thank you very much for saving the concert from the NNO / Americans festival. It was great to hear it again – a truly unique happening, especially because of Laurie Anderson, who performed outstanding doing those rare but beautiful pieces. Have to confess: she’s my favourite musician/artist since many years.
    Wish you good luck with your inspiring website. I will come back every now and then.

  2. nine Says:

    Vantijgeren, thanks for the commment and your kind words, it’s much appreciated! So you were there eh? I am glad you got the recording now… Laurie is an outstanding performer and totally unique indeed. Thank radio 6 for putting me on to this great concert… You’re welcome, please do come again!

    Groetjes Marijn.


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