Lastplak visits MAMA


Lastplak visits MAMA

Lastplak is a Rotterdam based collective of artists with various backgrounds in graffiti, “street art”, visual arts and design.

As a group and as individual artists the people at Lastplak work on murals, pieces, paintings, stickers, shirts, etc. Since they enjoy painting together, it doesn’t matter what surface it is: rooftops, t-shirts, walls, gates, kid’s bedrooms, fr8s, anything, “as long as we are not expected to paint a unicorn, indian, crying wolf or 2pac and that kind of stuff on it.” :D

"Lastplak Jazz Band"

One of Lastplak’s main activities is Live painting. At parties, festivals, exhibitions, BBQ’s, birthday bashes, etc. they paint murals or canvases, using a variety of techniques: aerosol, acrylic paint, stencils, markers, stickers, posters, and more.

Each individual artist has his specific style and character. Collaborating lets these styles and characters interact, which results in an explosion of visual madness and hilarity. Rarely a sketch is made, but often the artists work with a theme and lots of subliminal and symbolic messages.

Lastplak members have recently spent three weeks in Damascus, Syria, teaching the basics of graffiti and history, culture and techniques to 25 Syrian students and there was the first US exhibition this November in LA.

Next weeks, MAMA offers her showroom to Lastplak as part of the Cultuurtraject (a project developed to get high-school kids into contact with art and culture). The kids get tutorials from the artists and, together,  paint a mural that’s on view for a couple of weeks.

Friday the 19th of  December, the mural will be baptised during a special opening party.

MAMA Showroom
Witte de Withstraat 29-31, Rotterdam

Links :

Lastplak’s flickr


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