Elektruck wins Brabant Cultuurprijs!


Elektruck wins Brabant Cultuurprijs!

Congrats to the Elektruck  for winning the Brabant Cultuurprijs!


Elektruck started 2 years ago as a do it yourself project by two music- and machinelovers. Bas and Roel transformed an old bus into a full on music-studio and stage for kids. Elektruck is a 12 meter long public transport bus (1976) with Mad-Max outside looks, high-tech computer looks inside.

Elektruck  workshops are given at schools, for children, in any possible location actually. It’s all about experimenting and doing it yourself….  Remixing or programming, recording techniques to beat creating, anything’s possible and the results can be performed at the Elektruck stage.

Bas and Roel make a point out of teaching children they can be creative with sound and music on their own, and that in this day and age with all the technology at hand you can do anything from creating your own ring-tones to making beats and performing live. More power to them!  like € 20.000 !!!

Roel & Bas

Be sure to visit the website www.elektruck.nl and look at some pictures and videos!

Here’s a little video/interview with the truckers (dutch)


Article  Brabants Dagblad (dutch)




One Response to “Elektruck wins Brabant Cultuurprijs!”

  1. Bas Says:

    Bedankt voor je enthausiasme!

    Groetjes Bas

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