High on wax | Secondhand Sureshots


‘Secondhand Sureshots’ is Dublab‘s first documentary film.
The film is centered around four of LA’s major producers, Daedelus, J. Rocc, Nobody and Ras G, involved in some serious crate digging. The sweet twist to top this already tasty sounding project off is all four of them are challenged to come up with new productions out of their vintage finds, turning this documentary into a special peek into the dublaboratories!

“Secondhand Sureshots takes the audience from the shopping experience to each producer’s home studios, bedrooms and living rooms crammed with wax and wires. Documenting the first needle drops and reactions, the film watches as the treasure hunters compose new songs from scratch and make one fresh, original song using only these mystery grooves.”

After being in production for almost two years, ‘Secondhand Sureshots’ will finally have it’s special LA unveiling December 7th. The film was screened at the Sous La Plage festival, Paris last year.

Trailer :

You can watch more clips at myspace/secondhandsureshots and find more details at dublab/secondhand. There is also a ‘Secondhand Sureshots’ photogallery at flickr.



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