VERVUE : Pay attention to the Sandman.


Vervue, the sandman, has been working his magic for almost two years now. With his sandtable he creates live imagery and people react to his art wherever he goes.

As an artist Vervue has an extensive background in various fields of visual and graphic design, like graffiti, sculpting, design and audio-visual ‘decors’. He is also a long time musician.

In 2007 Vervue debuted his sand drawing live performance. From scratch he has created a modular installation/interface for his ideas; He draws with his hands in sand on a table, the table is a lightbox and via a video camera hanging above, the bright-lit sand drawings are projected onto a big screen. Got it? Just watch…

This is part 4 from a 20 min. jam. Here is part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Vervue is no VJ, he doesnt produce static images, there’s no scenario, no plan…

Convinced of the value visuals like these can bring to music, an event and the audience, Vervue draws a decor. It can be actual drawing, often it’s much more abstract, imaginative. It is always alive,  direct, and intense. You can see the man, his hands and the sandtable, yet the effects he creates are otherworldy! Especially performed live…

Here’s some footage from an Eat Concrete event last February where Vervue did the visuals for Dimlite.
The ‘flyer’ for this gig was also done by Vervue.

Besides performing live, Vervue works on music videos and related projects.
This year he worked with Enemy Earth on his CD/DVD release “The Bull from The Sea” (a musical interpretation of an ancient Greek myth, accompanied by Vervue’s drawings).

Watch one of the videos from this DVD : “The Sea God”

Vervue was also invited by 00Genesis to do the video for “Cryptic Dream” a track from his Dream Catcher EP, just released this November. Be sure to check out that record for yourself!

Watch “Cryptic Dream”

In collaboration with Eat Concrete a DVD project is in the making and Vervue will join the tour this winter.
I say pay attention to the Sandman!


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