EAT005, 006 & 007


” Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”

~ Thelonious Monk ~

Imagine this independent little recordlabel from Holland… Founded by friends for the love of making records and releasing music they want to hear and get heard. Three releases determined their almost quixotic approach to modern day electronic music. Bootstrapping (EAT001 & 002), Sound Pure (EAT003) and Attention Spam (EAT004) made some noise amongst peers and contemporaries and echoe on ever since.
Receiving credit and acclaim for these projects, Eat Concrete already moved on to different grounds. Stretching their spectrum in global ways and paying dues to music they grew up on, Eat Concrete now adds a beautiful trio of releases to their catalog. Two double disk albums and one 12″. Twin Earth Atlantic, New Deal and Eat 007 cover a spectrum of music subtly lining out Eat Concrete’s perspectives and intentions. All of a sudden the little eccentric label turned into one of the most sophisticated and daring Dutch recordlabels today.

Twin Earth Atlantic (…) is kinship in music at it’s best. A dream compilation to any musiclover interested in new leftfield electronics, experimental hiphop and downtempo beats, Daedelus, Low Res and TAKE are just a few of the names to grace the line up. Twin Earth is symbolic to the great universal connectivity in music, brought together through the platform that Eat Concrete is today. A daring project, an exciting release, and a particularly beautiful album.

Eat’s sixth, New Deal is a fat collection of dancefloor filling, mind boggling, techno-inspired dance tracks. A new deal to an old school… Spinning off from a genre dominating dancefloors across the world, coming from some twenty years of techno electronic music history, artists like Maarten van der Vleuten, Sensory Overload, 69db and BlipVert preserve an experimental edge making New Deal into and elevating an refreshing compilation.

EAT007 is one of those little Concrete gems.

Offering four new productions by some of the label’s closest friends and allies, EAT007 is Eat’s own mix of modern electronica, experimental but inviting.
This surprising little 12″ can give a pretty good idea of how this recordlabel and the people behind it will not be forced into some stream, style or standard. There’s something highly dynamic and progressive about their way of music.

Listen to clips from all records, read more on these and previous releases, the label and the artists at Visit Eat Concrete’s MySpace and say hi!


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  1. Anonymous Says:


    Sounds goooood.
    I wanna have some:)

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