Attention Spam & Sound Pure


With 2 releases in july, the concrete crew show off their skills.
Both records, existing of new and previously unreleased material, go completely different ways.

Attention Spam (EAT004) goes tekno and then some, with raw grooves from ‘underground’ favourites Mononom & Z-Bombs’ Freek and others… Beats gone awall!!! Appears on silver vinyl.


Sound Pure (EAT003) is a precious collection/compilation…
Beautifully built up, this LP is an intimate listening in on the featuring artists’ and thus Eat Concrete’s ‘musical landscape’. Collected over 7 years it’s a fine piece of work for anyone who loves the listening kind of electronic music. Nice artwork too!


How typical of Eat Concrete’s broad platform and unique style to release these opposite records at once… More power to them!

Eat Concrete . net & Eat Concrete @ my space (more info, clips & links)


One Response to “Attention Spam & Sound Pure”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    nice one….:)

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