Bootstrapping 1


‘Bootstrapping’ makes me think of starting without a beginning, creating something with nothing. As impossible as to pull oneself up by his bootstraps.

read & learn

Bootstrapping 1 is Eat Concrete’s first record release and there’s 2 of them! Bootstrapping 1.1 & 1.2! Featuring 9 tracks, the records go anywhere from dark, spheric listeningmusic to seriously soulful dancetracks and beyond. ATeeze, Orgue Electronique, Evan Odd, Ro Lee, The Freak with Thousand E’s, Sensory Overload, Mononom, Ricercar and Swonkdog are coming at you from all kinds of directions!

click individual pieces to check out tracklistings & artistinfo and have a listen right here

Eat Concrete is about providing interesting productions to and from the world of electronic music. Formed in 2005 as a network of friends disciplined in a wide range of styles, bound by the history of the dutch underground electronic music scene and their inspiration to spread the music, they joined forces and created these 2 EP’s under the watchful eyes and ears of Pete Concrete, the instigator of this all.

If you’re not anxiously waiting for the link to buy this record by now, you must be getting curious about it’s music at least! Listen to some excerpts here and check out Pete Concrete’s nicely selected, new and improved downloads page for sure! featuring mixes and sets from Banzaï radio, parties and other cool musical places…

Congratulations Eat Concrete!


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