Abandoned again …


I already posted a link to an abandoned places site by Belgian Henk van Rensbergen.
He knows the stories of the
buildings and areas he explores and together with his beautiful,
mystique photographs you can almost smell the abandonment…
His site

But... even though textually this abandoned Japan site here leaves me clueless, the images tell plenty! Luxury hotels, looking like they’ve been abandoned on the spot, with complete interiors left. Ghostly amusementpark with rollercoasters still standing by.
It’s crazy really, but very beautiful.

photograph © home.f01.itscomnet/spiral

The site is huge, although some files didn’t seem to work here.
There appear to be a number of categories, but my japanese just isn’t that well ; )
Abandoned Japan

I also found this abandoned britain site, I didn’t really check it our quite well.
But here you do get to understand the stories around these ghostplaces
and if you enjoy them as much as I do, you want to explore more.
Abandoned Britain


One Response to “Abandoned again …”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Cool. Dank.

    Altijd leuk, dit soort sites.

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